Saturday, February 27, 2010

on yelling at walls

Once upon a time two very intelligent people were yelling at a wall.

They used well thought out arguments to prove to the wall how being a wall and standing there in the middle of the road was entirely unproductive and detrimental to getting anywhere. The wall replied by stating that it was a wall and it liked being a wall. The people explained how the wall hadn't understood anything the people had been talking about. The wall then replied that they should become walls too because walls couldn't get hurt by magic arrows falling from the sky. Now these two people weren't afraid of magic arrows falling from the sky so they returned to telling the wall how it hadn't understood what they had been talking about.

In the meantime a whole mess of people walked around the wall and got to where they were going. They lived long happy lives and even though they had to walk around a wall once in a while they always got to where they were going.

But what about the two intelligent people yelling at the wall?
i don't know. If they haven't moved by now they're still standing there yelling at the wall.

Interpret this how you will

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