Thursday, February 11, 2010

my first update

So, for the minority who hasn't guessed it yet this is my first update (or whatever you call these things). Not that it really matters (few things do) but i intend be at least mildly entertaining in this blog. That is if i can be bothered do keep doing this (i make no promises). At this point i haven't really decided on anything about this blog. it'll have words and it will be in English but that's rather obvious by now. The content and format however, the jury is still deliberating on that. It'll probably be about everything, nothing, hip hop, culture, cooking,video games, thoughts, movies, books, opinions etc. Actually come to think of it, it'll probably just be a collection mouthdiarreah attacks like this one. I don't know how often i'll post updates here, but at least once every other millenium (i prefer not to disappoint). There won't be a great degree attention devoted to the grammar of this blog, which is a symptom of my severe case of laziness and not stupidity as some people might theorize. well, this is turning into a rather long introduction without any real information so i think it's about time to shut up.

enjoy or not at your convenience


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