Tuesday, March 2, 2010

letting the mouth run

There is a very real danger to consider before opening your mouth. well, there's more than one but i'm doing this topic now so don't interrupt(how rude are you anyway?). give me at least a chance to get started before you start that kind of thing.

anyway, one the dangers when opening your mouth. TO SPEAK (keep your mind out the gutter, please!) is the danger of letting the mouth run. ok, so it really dangerous, but it does tend to have undesirable consequences. you might start unnecessarily elaborating on some completely uninteresting and unlikely semantical nitpicking you imagine your listeners doing, thus calling unnecessary attention to it. Or you might add superfluous additions to your statement in order to avoid misunderstandings, and subsequently causing everyone to misunderstand. or most likely you'll get so caught up in your statement that you'll make long and useless lists of examples just to make sure everybody gets it, and this way getting everyone bored and unable to listen making sure nobody gets it.

but what exactly do i mean with letting the mouth run? it's when you try to say something but end up making your argument or statement much longer than needed because you do something stupid like adding an explanation of something everyone already figured out.

the real problem with letting the mouth run is that you risk drifting of subject by referencing some previous event that has no bearing on the subject whatsoever. just like that one time I bought a bacon cheese burger at burger king. I stood for a long time trying to figure out what king double deluxe meant, while my friends bought their box-spring fries and pepperjacks (at least thats what I think they're called) after trying to solve the mystery of the menu i finally gave up and asked my friend what was good. and he said that the bacon cheese thingy was alright. to make a very short story very long, I asked the attendant how much it was and he answered something but I don't remember the figure except that it was pretty much the most expensive thing they had. however it wasn't more than the hundred kroner (danish currency for the perplexed) at my disposal so I asked the attendant for one of them. he brought the so-called burger to me and I exchanged it for my money and awaited my change. he handed me my change and i walked out of the line after putting coins into my wallet. we all went upstairs to get a table and sat down by one. I unwrapped my burger and it did indeed look alright. However as i took my first bite i realized that this was even worse than the terrible box-spring fry i'd tasted a moment ago. consequently, i gave it to someone else as i couldn't eat it.


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