Saturday, February 13, 2010

another one

so, i've been wracking my brain in order to figure out something to write about. As you might have guessed it is not going awfully well. Some stuff happened since last i wrote here, sure. But really none of it is worth writing about and so the solution to my problem was to write about that. Is that really worth writing about? you may be asking. and truthfully, no. so why are you doing it? don't you have something better to do? those are the likely questions to continue this conversation. The answer is of course: i have plenty of better things to do, but none that are less boring. And therefore blogging it is. "hmm" your'e probably thinking "how am i going to suggest that he should stop this then" and as much as i'd love to help you figuring it out i don't have any good ideas myself, hence the blogging.

in any case, i think the moral complications of continuing to waste your time with this inane ranting is growing to an unmanageable size. Therefore i think i better postpone continued writing till a latter date


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