Saturday, February 20, 2010

Credits = Moneyz

Through my entire experience with science fiction i noticed something, every currency is called credits. Now naturally this isn't the only thing I've noticed about science fiction, but it is the only thing I feel like mentioning right now (there might be more later i haven't decided)

there isn't neccesarily anything wrong with naming the currency credits if nothing else it is very futuristic. However it does seem to be turning into quite a cliché and therfore doing it is just lazy writing. I find the cliché status of this curious, as i don't see anything particularly natural about the name credits.

I mean, most (if not every) currency's name don't translate directly "money" in their native languages. Dollar or shilling for example. And this is the real problem with "credits" it literally means money (well´, it literally means credits, but you know what i mean)which translates the protagonist states that he doesn't have the 20,000 credits the space ship costs but only 3,053 he's really saying that he doesn't have 20,000 moneyz but only 3,053 moneyz. This just sounds like the captian, commando or jedi doesn't master basic grammar (yes, i'm aware of the hipocracy)and really we don't want protagonist who sound like three year olds, thats just pathetic.

Couldn't the celebrated writers of science fiction think of something better. I know it'd have to be done carefully, but these are talented people. Somethings should have to be avoided of course for example star bucks, republicoins and space dollars show obvious problems. In spite of these dangers i think we should demand more from our science fiction.

to quote a friend of mine: "just saying"


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