Friday, April 2, 2010

easterbunny hunt spectacular 2/3

The preparations for the yearly hunt are coming together nicely. The infrared- and motion detectors have been set up.

There are a few bothers of course. It's hard to walk around the living room without stepping in magnetic bunny seed, which is alright i guess, but the cats keep messing up the piles. The motion detectors are a worse bother as they set off the alarm every time you enter another room. But i manage, as long as you remember that the code is 2222222 you can easily shut of the alarm.

The SWAT-team arrived early this morning so that's working out great as well. A very professional lot they are, nice and clean guns. Their commander, a mister E. Bunnie, is a really nice guy. He is quite short though and he has giant ears, but he isn't to blame for his genes, i do think he should cut his mustache though. I swear, if i didn't know any better i'd have sworn those were whiskers.

iv'e taken him through all the security details we've setup patrol routes for his people. three groups of two and one solo guy each group watching their own part of the living room. What a brave guy he is volunteering to be the partner-less guy, you just gotta respect that.

As a thanks for his help i've told mister Bunnie to take what ever he wants from the fridge. As a result of this iv'e run out of eggs twice today even though i bought a pack of fifteen just a couple of hours ago. But that really isn't much of a problem, i'm perfectly willing to pay for a couple extra eggs if that'll keep him and his team at peak performance.

yes, everything really is coming together nicely. The snipers have confirmed that they'll be here tomorrow and Chuck Norris has taken a few days off to help me and is according to his last text message currently running across the Atlantic ocean in an effort to warm up before getting here.

OH! the mercenaries have just rung the doorbell so i'll have to leave you now. i'll tell you how it went once the hunt is over sunday.

-Vil. E. Amsus

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