Friday, March 12, 2010

war, war never changes pt. 1

War, sounds great doesn't it ? but really it's not as nice as it seems. Despite it's inviting, sugary, almost cakelike appearence it's not always an uncompromisingly good experience. sure, pillaging, exploitation, childmurdering, genocide and dining in exotic locales sound like great fun, and don't get me wrong here, it IS great fun, but there are pitfalls to watch for and if you don't make sure to lookout for these your experience isn't going to be nearly as pleasant as it could be.

I've recently completed my doctorate in warology at bumhug university. in connection to the studies necessary in order to write my dissertation on the strategic consequences of ice cream trucks in medieval Europe i was alerted to the ignorance of the general populace on the topic of strategically disadvantageous alternative determination. This neglectful education of the populace is what motivated me to begin this series of public service updates at my blog.

To my dedicated readers i bring these pieces of advice in the hopes that it may help you avoid unnecessary bother while waging war. no need to thank me i'm merely a kind soul who wishes to help my fellow man wage an enjoyable war.


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